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It all began long before I was born - It's in my Roots!

   My Oma (German for Grandma) Marianna Bittner was an owner of a Restaurant Bed and Breakfast in Germany.  My mother was taught to cook with Love there.  My OMA was my life inspiration.  It was only fitting that my Mother, Monika Ham, passed her cooking love and soul to me.  I opened Michele's Cuisine, when I came to Florida to be with my parents, and found the need to not only feed them but to feed others with this Love Filled Food.


Food is an essential part of every day. It is also at the center of all celebrations and life's special moments.  When having food cooked with Love, any meal can be a blessing, a comfort and a joyous occasion. Food is a basic necessity of life and fulfills the necessary nutrition and energy needed in daily life. I find that so many people around us are in need of good home cooking and at times, out of necessity, it needs to be delivered to them. A place where, when you're in a hurry, you can stop in and quickly get a home cooked meal to take with you.  I hope to provide this service to this community.  I also feel the need to provide great meals to the many care givers in this area.  I hope that my meals will provide them the positive energy to get through the day caring for so many and fill them with Love.

I would not be able to do this without the support of my loved ones.  I thank them for pushing me to do this.  Michele's Cuisine is my passion and I put a lot of love in each dish in hopes to make people happy and filled with both love and great food for not only the body but the Soul.

 Many Blessings  -  Bon Appetit 


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