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Celebration of Life Catering

We take pride in catering memorials and celebrations of life. Losing a loved one is a very difficult time and we will be be there on hand to ensure your celebration goes perfectly.

Our team will help you with any Celebration of Life or Memorial event, large or small, with careful attention to detail to make sure your event runs seamlessly for you, your family and your guests. We will create a menu and design the level of service that best suits your situation. We have worked with many religious denominations and we always gladly respect any special customs you follow and take care of any special requests you have.

We offer pick-up, drop off and full service catering. With full service, we can take care of every detail needed including arranging for your rentals, food delivery, set up, serving, take down and clean up.

Whatever the setting and whatever the size of the crowd, you can rest assured everyone will get plenty of food and drink. The presentation will be just right and the cleanup will be quiet and professional. Call us and let us help you with your event at this difficult time.


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