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Celebration of Life

Michele and Crew

Thank you so very much for helping to make my husband's celebration of life so wonderful and stress free for me!

The food was excellent, beautifully displayed and all of you were so easy to work with.


Not knowing how many people would attend (and we did have a houseful) made it difficult to plan but when you told me "we got this" I put my faith in you and you came through with flying colors!


Your name will be mentioned by me to anyone who is in need of a caterer.

I hope you have continued success.



Anna Dorgan

German and Italian

The German and Italian menus attract customers searching for a new experience. Tasty coleslaw, meatloaf and salad rolls can make a strong impression on you.

Chicken Noodle Soup

Michele's serves the most delicious chicken soup that I've ever eaten. Large chunks of chicken and savory noodles and vegetables. Also good is their chicken salad.

Beef Stew and Chili

We have been to Michele's new location at The Links twice now. We had her beef stew the first time. It was delicious and had plenty of beef in it. The second visit we had the chili. It was very good with lots of ground beef, and lots of beans too. I highly recommend Michele's!

Dan Mullane



We had read about Michele's in one of the local magazines and decided to give it a try. Wow, are we glad we did. We were celebrating my Mom's 92nd birthday and made advance reservations. When we arrived the table was made up for us-even with a "Welcome" card. Very nice touch. Between the 5 of us we had 4 different entrees, all made to order. Each one was prepared perfectly. 

Authentic Food

The food is the best and authentic. I have traveled the world and every dish is as it was made in that country. German, Italian, and French

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